Children must be taught how to think, not what to think
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Children must be taught how to think, not what to think

Our parenting journey often involves a lot of questions about how to make the best decisions for our children. But why not we let them make their own paths, their own decisions. “Support your children in finding their own path – even if that turn outs to be different from what you had in Mind.”

If you measure your own worth by the things your child accomplishes you feel inadequate when your child can’t meet your expectations. Even if it’s not stated overtly, kids sense that pressure; they want their parents to be happy and proud of their success. But when the standards are rigid and unrealistically high, kids never stop measuring their performance. It creates perfectionism and anxiety.

Let me break these thinking errors down.


  • “I have the power to mold my child into the vision of I have for them.”
  • “I am the parent therefore I know what is best for my child.”
  • “My child’s achievements are a reflection of my success as a parent.”

Parents who find themselves harboring even one of these beliefs need to be corrected. They may be unwittingly causing harm which will lead to anxiety and depression in their children. These emotional problems often result in behaviors like cutting, eating disorders, insomnia, social problems, substance abuse, suicidal urges, and a litany of other symptoms that are considered to be hallmarks of mental illness.

This does not mean we neglect our children or assume that they will figure everything out for themselves. Kids have parents for a reason. They need us. But let’s not engage in thinking errors that cause harm. Trust them, Support them, Encourage Curiosity in them.

One of the best options is to understand the true strengths and interests of your child early on and orient their energies towards areas of their strength which suit their personality and learning methods. The best and the most recommended and widely used method globally is to regularly undertake psychometric tests like Brain Dominance test, and other personality tests available on Dmystifi to unravel their true potential

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