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From recommending right career option to assessing competencies and virtual interviewing, Dmystifi solves the career puzzle.

Why Dmystifi

Unravel True Potential

Detailed analysis of personality, interest and cognitive abilities using globally acclaimed psychometric tests. Detailed recommendations on right Stream / Subjects and Career options.

Scientific Assessments

Developed by expert psychologists, Dmystifi’s library of trusted, standards-aligned assessments and tests cover competency assessments, skill tests and extensive interview questions.

AI Powered Interviews

AI engine of Dmystifi generates detailed insights and presents those in very easy-to-understand reports. Ability to tailor assessments and video interviews to meet the needs of different customers


Hire People in a Fast, Structured and Cost-Efficient manner.

We empower employers to screen, assess competencies and recruit right candidates in a structured and collaborative manner with minimal face to face interactions.

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Discover the Right Stream, Right Subjects and Right Career for your Students.

We help students uncover their true personality and interests. Unravel the right Subjects / Stream and right Career options to compliment the strengths of each student.

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What Our Customers Say

I am mother of a 16 year old boy who had always been an excellent student but befuddled while choosing his stream for his Senior Secondary Education . A friend recommended us to opt for a career personality test for better understanding and career guidance and this is where we have finally reached. With immense satisfaction , We would like to recommend these psychometric tests to all the parents and the students in the time of utter confusion and uncertainty while choosing the subjects and streams for a better and clearer picture .
We are the parents to an 11 year old kid with whom we started facing tempramental as well as behavioural changes in past few months. On discussing the issue with a few friends we were suggested to take a personality test to deal with these early adolescence issues. As the result of the Personality test taken here we got a detailed analysis to his personality with suggestions to deal with the same . This test made it a lot more easier for us to deal with each change and have made things much more lighter and easier for us as the parents .
Initially, i had no realisation of my choices and interests. So I planned to take a test on intelligence and personality to have a better perception about me. The test not only gave me a direction but actually helped me to understand the learning strategies that works best for me and characteristics that reflects my personality.
Gunveen Kaur
School Student
I was in a dilemma about my future career path, I was stuck with two things in my mind. And Dmystifi helped me through it very easily. This tests gave a representation of what sort of a person i am and what personality traits suits my career type. It has been been very helpful throughout. And now i am on a career path recommended by Dmystifi.
Japneet Kaur
College Student
When I got my results, I was slightly confused. But soon after reading the description, it made a lot more sense. The career paths turned out to be more realistic for me from what i had in mind and what path should i choose. And the results displayed a simpler path of my interest and now i'm pursuing what i like according to the results.
College Student

Unravel your personality and know the right career option to excel.

Discover your true potential. build a deep, solid understanding of your strengths and weaknesses to get into right career.

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