Packages for students

Dmystifi Personality Assessment

Theory of Gardener

Scrutinizing the stregths that increase the chances of academic success.


Unravel your true personality traits and increase the opportunity of self-discovery.

Aptitude Assessment

Broadens the scope of academic enhancement to nurture specific potentials.


A well analyzed report demonstrating the strengths to overcome academic issues

Dmystifi Stream Recommendation

Model of intelligence

Builds a self-image by painting the picture of theirskills and abilities.

Behavioral Model

A blueprint to understand our behaviours towards certain events.

Aptitude Assessment

A psychological assessment taht measures one's knowledge while choosing a particular stream.


A detailed assessment of best-fit streams with career recommendations

Dmystifi Career Recommendation

Interest Inventory

A career assessment tool that matches interests and strengths with specific career goals and options.

Personality Assessment

Determines specific traits that fit best with your future goals.

Aptitude Assessment

A career tool that identifies the solution to your career problems.


A complete book of career possibilities and their future benefits.

Assessments Categories

Career and Job – Fit Role

Evaluate applicant’s strengths/weaknesses, interests and aptitude by determining the right career and work environment ideal for them.

Competency Assessments

Identify candidate’s behaviours and allow them to take control of their career development.

Mock Interviews

Improve the applicant’s interpersonal skills and reduce the level of anxiety before the actual job interview.